Bestselling New Workbook from Dasheeda Dawson reveals:
"I'd rate it six stars if I could!"
"Succeed in the Green Rush by combining your skills, resources and talents and Dasheeda’s winning strategy." 
Successful entrepreneurs are using this strategy to prosper during the largest transfer of wealth since the Industrial Revolution, and award-winning strategist Dasheeda Dawson has adapted it for people looking to enter and thrive in the Green Rush.
Armed with her system and the 93 guided self-assessment exercises in this're almost guaranteed to find your niche in the growing industry, as long as you follow the plan. Dasheeda’s method offers motivated people the chance to succeed in the Green Rush and build a foundation for generational wealth.

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“This workbook has helped because it actually provided a guide to the industry outside of growing and retail…”
“Dasheeda has simplified a complicated process and made it so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to enter this industry…”
“Dasheeda has helped me synthesize how all of my experiences and passions can be married together for this industry…”
How does the Workbook Help You Succeed?
Three years ago, Princeton University graduate, MBA and award-winning corporate strategy executive, Dasheeda Dawson walked away from a high profile position at one of the most successful Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Dasheeda left a thriving corporate career and dove head first into the Green Rush.

Along the way, she broke multiple barriers and blazed trails in places where minority, woman and industry-outsider access are almost non-existent.

Now, Dasheeda has synthesized her experience into a simple-to-use roadmap for anyone curious about the industry to follow.This is her proven framework for success in the Green Rush.

The Green Rush represents one of the biggest potential industries, and the greatest transfer of wealth since the industrial revolution.

The 93 Guided Self-Assessment Exercises in this workbook will help you find the best areas for you to succeed, and offer the first steps towards a profitable business, career or investment in the Green Rush.
What's in this Workbook?
“How to Succeed in the Green Rush,” contains a step-by-step explanation of current opportunities within the Green Rush so that you can understand how to enter the industry quickly and successfully.

Regardless of your skill set, your experience, and your your passion...

This workbook will show you the way to deploy them in the Green Rush to build a side-hustle, make a good living, or launch an empire.

What is the Green Rush?
By 2030, the Green Rush is projected to generate over $75 billion dollars annually. Spanning medicinal and adult-use products, it is tracking to be one of the biggest economic booms of our lifetimes.

With the right knowledge, opportunities abound. People willing to roll-up their sleeves and learn can become entrepreneurs or adapt their current careers to address white space opportunities in the Green Rush.
If you want to take advantage of the real opportunities presented by this growing industry, read this book and follow the exercises to reap the benefit of Dasheeda’s knowledge. She’ll help you understand the industry landscape and the best niche for you to leverage your skills.
Take the first step and get your workbook now.

I'm a newbie.  I have a great interest in the Green Rush I just didn't know exactly how to leverage that...
I joined the movement because the Bay Area really needs what you guys are putting together...
I'm addicted to investing, I'm somewhat of a mad scientist and like the other applications of the plant, like composites and fuels...
I have a lot of patients that tell me they were on medication for pain, anxiety or PTSD and I have seen how this plant has helped them...
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